California Wrongful Death Attorney


Wrongful death cases are the most catastrophic cases that we deal with here. You know being that it involves the death of a loved one and unfortunate there’s no coming back from that not only does the person the decedent and pass away but the whole family and the friends of decedent suffer as well and a lot of times forever.

As with all other cases but especially with these type of cases when we’re dealing with the wrongful death here, we’re very aggressive when we handle these claims, very thorough and we pay attention to the details. We want to make sure that the person or the entity that caused the wrongful death, is the source of the wrongdoing is held accountable for their actions and is responsible for pain.

A lot of the times were required to hire the proper experts, for example pathologists to ascertain the cause of death or an economist to calculate the loss of income and economic support from the decedent and other experts as well in order to fully and thoroughly handle the claim, maximize the value of it and do what’s in the surviving spouse or family’s best interest. In the past there are times where we have represented the surviving spouse of the person who unfortunately passed away. There are also many cases where we represented the surviving children as well who we represent really just depends on the facts and who the surviving family members are. As with many other types of injuries and accidents here, we understand that there is definitely a strong psychological component to wrongful death cases and we’re aware of that. And when we are handling such claims and lawsuits and it’s something we discuss with our clients and want to make sure that that is something that is accounted for.

Many times when speaking with people who have experienced a wrongful death, those conversations are very emotional. The people are in tears and it’s obviously a very sad and depressing conversation but what makes me very proud to be a personal injury attorney what one of the things I love best about what i do is that many times after fighting the good fight and getting the clients the compensation and justice that they deserve, the end they’re left with tears of joy. Once the cases settled, we’ve got a favorable jury verdict and that to me as a person but a personal injury attorney has dedicated his life to helping such victims is what it’s all about. We’re blessed that we have the ability to change people’s lives forever especially when they’ve been wronged and and or suffer such a traumatic event or injury or damages. So if someone you know or a loved one has passed away due to an accident or any type of injury, do the right thing. Pick up the phone, give us a call, we offer free consultations no cost to you and will give you a thorough evaluation and assessment of your case and we’ll discuss all aspects of it and remember no attorney fees are charged unless and when you get a settlement.