How Much Do Personal Injury Attorneys Charge?


“How much are attorneys fees in a personal injury case?” is a great question. Most attorneys will charge on a contingency basis. That means it doesn’t cost you anything upfront and rather they take their fees at the end of the case when it’s resolved. The natural instinct is to ask your attorney upfront: “How much are your fees going to be?” or “what percentage are you going to charge?” and you should be prepared for the attorney to pause a bit before they answer the question and it’s not that they’re being evasive but rather they need more information. Attorneys who are charging on a contingency basis are taking on a risk. It’s not guaranteed that they’re going to get paid. So to take on that risk they need to know more about your case such as “is liability in dispute?” “Will it be difficult to prove?” or “how much on would you win if you win?” How big are the damages?” and of course the third prong is very important, “what’s the collectability?” “Is there insurance at stake?” An attorney really needs to know all that information to properly analyze the risk and quote you a fee.

Once an attorney has quoted you a fee, you should appreciate and understand that that fee is negotiable. It’s not set by statute as a general rule, it’s not set by law. You can negotiate that fee percentage with the attorney but here’s a caution: Attorneys should be quoting you a fair fee to begin with. If an attorney is willing to negotiate that fee to a lower amount, be concerned that that’s the same lawyer that’s willing to negotiate your case to lower amount and not make sure that you get paid what’s fair. So an attorney that stands firm by their fee is one that’s hopefully going to stand firm by the value of your case. An important aspect about the attorneys fee is that it’s in writing. Be sure at the end of the meeting that you have a written fee agreement with the attorney that clearly spells out what the fee is going to be and make sure that you understand that contract.

All of our fee agreements are very short, succinct and in writing given to you at the end of the meeting. You’ll have a contract in your hand and know exactly what your fees are going to be and how they’re going to be calculated. .