Michael Jackson’s family lose wrongful death lawsuit


Did a deal I’ve hired dr. Conrad Murray answered yes was Conrad was dr. Conrad Murray unfit or incompetent to perform the work for which he was hired answer no a court in Los Angeles clays concert promoter AEG Live in the Michael Jackson wrongful death lawsuit a jury has found that the private company was not liable when it hired dr. Conrad Murray to care for the singer outside jury foreman Greg Barden said Murray was qualified and competent to do the job which was a question they were asked now that doesn’t mean that we felt he was ethical and maybe had the word ethical been in the question it could have been a different outcome the null suit had been brought by Jackson’s mother Katherine and his three children the family claimed the AEG were negligent in hiring dr. Conrad Murray and ignored science he was poorly before he died catherine was in court to hear the verdict and lifted her glasses to wipe at her eyes when it was delivered the five month trial has offered a glimpse into the private life and final days of the so called King of Pop while he was rehearsing for a comeback tour a different verdict would have threatened to shake up the way companies treat their high-profile talent however AEG Attorney Marvin Putnam said they never considered settling out of court we wouldn’t consider settling for the very important reason that AEG Live didn’t do something wrong here Murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in 2011 for administering the propofol that killed a star the singer’s dependency on prescription drugs has been well documented the court heard his ex wife Debbie Rowe testify that she grew concerned in the early 1990s after he had surgery on his scalp Jackson family lawyers had argued that damages could exceed 1 billion dollars AEG argued that it was Jackson who chose Murray as his doctor the jury agreed that the singer had become well guarded and wanted control Michael Jackson was a pretty used to getting his own way he was a big star he had all these doctors who wanted to be his doctor and he could pretty much get what he wanted and if anybody said no well they were out of the mix