Problems with Traumatic Brain Injury


Today I’d like to talk to you about a very serious medical issue. Although I’m not a doctor, I do see a lot of people a lot of civilian contractors that are involved in bomb blasts and concussive type situations where they fall out of helicopters or fall and hit their heads or they’re involved in gunfire situations and any type of concussion type syndrome they get that involves the brain. And the problem with this issue is that it’s not addressed by the insurance companies and they refuse to give you the proper testing to determine whether you have what is called traumatic brain injury. It’s a new kind of situation phenomenon that’s being researched by the VA it affects my clients. It affects civilian contractors just like it does the military.

What it basically is is when I say traumatic brain injury or TBI they call it the symptoms that you have involving a concussive type syndrome are things that can go away in terms of certain situations, but can stay with you forever in other certain situations. The people that I see that are really really affected by Traumatic Brain Injury are people that are involved in IED explosions, or they’re basically concussed and they hit their heads on the concrete or some hard surface. They may or may not have been unconscious, they may or may not have had a massive concussion. That’s not the point the point is that at some point in time when things like that happen, sometimes your brain can be effected and it can be affected permanently.

What I mean by that is I see people with symptoms of migraine headaches that they never had before that don’t go away and when they get treatment for those migraine headaches, they just simply get medication they don’t get the testing, the specialized testing that they should be getting to determine whether or not they have a traumatic brain injury. Another type of very common symptom with traumatic brain injury is lack of concentration, can’t focus, jitters, problems focusing with your eyesight, in terms of lightheadedness when too much light comes into your eyes.

Also faint issues of hearing that can be magnified to a giant degree. The biggest problem when it comes to being treated for other injuries is that the way that it was described to me by one of the civilian contractors that I’ve been dealing with is that if you pin prick my finger I feel a pinch of the pin prick if you pin prick his finger it’s about 100 times more painful because of traumatic brain injury as it would be to a normal person. What this means is you may have a back injury, you may get MRIs, you may get X-rays, their doctors, the insurance company’s doctors will say, “there’s nothing wrong with you, you should be walking around what’s wrong with you?” Well, if you have TBI, any little type of pain even if you sleep badly after a back injury could be magnified to such a degree so that you can’t move, you can’t walk, you can’t get out of bed and there’s no medical test to provide for that because the messages in your body are coming from your brain and not necessarily from the actual pain sensors in your back.

And that’s back behind the brain, but like I said, I’m not a doctor, I don’t understand the intricacies of that. But what that is is that there are misdiagnoses everywhere with people with Traumatic Brain Injuries that are not diagnosed because the tests come back negative and they say to you, “why are you doing this? You must be faking it.” Well you’re not faking it because you haven’t gotten the appropriate MRI testing and the various other testing and screening procedures that can be given to determine whether or not you have traumatic brain injury after any type of concussive syndrome to your head. A fall, a bomb blast anything that could have caused damage to your brain. Sometimes these things are mild, and a lot of times these things are very not mild and they last potentially for the rest of your life if you don’t get treatment for it.

So what I urge you to do right off the bat is, get an attorney, even if it’s not me, because right off the bat if you think you had a concussion or you hit your head and you’re suffering from symptoms like dizziness and terrible headaches that you’ve never had before or pains and sensations that you really shouldn’t feel like you be having, you have to get to a lawyer like me to get you to the correct doctor to get the correct type of testing that’s going to be done. Because the insurance companies refuse to allow this testing to happen. They don’t want it to happen because they don’t want to know whether or not you’re suffering from a traumatic brain injury.